Reimbursable pharmaceuticals and medical aids

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To whom and how are reimbursable medicines and medical aids (MA) prescribed?

Reimbursable medicines and medical aids (hereinafter – MA) may be prescribed to patients treated in an outpatient setting. These medicines and aids are prescribed on the special form for prescription (Passport of reimbursable medicines). If a reimbursable medicine or MA is to be prescribed for a citizen of a European Union member state, or the insured person does not have their Passport of reimbursable medicines, but the medicine or MA is necessary, i.e. a delay in filling the prescription or MA may lead to a life-threatening situation, reimbursable medicines, or the insured person is going to purchase reimbursable medicines or MA in another member state of the European Union, prescription form No. 3 should be issued (in exceptional cases).

Reimbursable medicines and MA in Lithuania are prescribed by family physicians or physician specialists, employed in healthcare establishments that have agreements with the Territorial Health Insurance Fund. Physicians may only prescribe medicines listed in the Lithuanian State Medicines Register or other medicines permitted for use by legal acts.

Which medicines and MA are reimbursable?

Like in many European countries, only costs for those medicines, listed in the List of Diseases and Reimbursable Medicinal Preparations for Their Treatment (List A) or the List of Subsidized Medicines (List B) are reimbursed; Also only costs for MA, listed in the separate List of Reimbursable Medical Aids (List C), are reimbursed.

Where can I get information about the prices of medicines and MA?

Physicians and pharmacist must inform patients about the prices and surcharges for medicines listed under the same common name in the Price-list of reimbursable medicines. However, information on the prices of reimbursable and non-reimbursable medicines can also be found even at home– by simply browsing the website of the National Health Insurance Fund under the Ministry of Health ( and open “Search for prices of medicines and medical aids“:;jsessionid=155a8cc1e02ff159f5071e155e7f

In all cases the maximum price of the medicines in pharmacies is specified on the website.

For how long can I be prescribed reimbursable medicines and MA?

The physician should explain that an insured person with a chronic disease is prescribed a course of treatment for a maximum of up to 1 month initially (medicines may be prescribed for one or several days). And then if it is found that the medicines are effective, they may be prescribed a course for up to 3 months treatment (with the exception of narcotic and psychotropic medicines, which must be prescribed for a shorter period). Reimbursable medicines and MA for insured persons suffering from other (not chronic) diseases may be prescribed for a maximum of 1 month, and in case of acute disease – for 7-days treatment.

If the insured person does not have their Passport for reimbursable medicines, but medicine or MA is necessary, reimbursable medicines or MA may be prescribed on prescription form No. 3 for not longer than a 7-day period. Medicines and MA for persons insured in other member states of the European Union may be prescribed for the period of the person’s stay in Lithuania, but not exceeding a 1-month course of treatment.

When reimbursable medicines and MA are dispensed to persons insured in other member states, they must present a personal identity document and their European Health Insurance Card.

More information about reimbursable medicines and MA is available at: